We believe companies and brands should leverage emerging technologies and create immersive experiences to visualize products and services.

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Lifelike office in Antwerp
Ward Peeters

Ward Peeters

Founder | XR Developer

Clémence Robert

Clémence Robert

3D Artist

Justin Cavanas

Justin Cavanas

XR Designer

Christophe van Meerbeeck

Christophe van Meerbeeck

XR Project Manager

Fabio Mergan

Fabio Mergan

XR Business Developer

What makes us special

Lifelike XR is working on XR since the early days. In 2015, our founder, Ward Peeters, was the first to bring Hololens technology to Belgium.

Experienced in real-life R&D (not the marketing videos you see everywhere) with the SARA project, the biggest medical AR project in Belgium. Funded by the Flemish government and Imec. Large-scale AR marketing campaigns with McDonalds, in which we launched AR activation with the Red Devils on thousands of hamburger boxes.

Our story

The idea for Lifelike XR started at MIT, when a young game developer, Ward Peeters, won a grant to study digital imaging. Lifelike XR then found its start in R&D with the SARA project in 2018. Helping a neurosurgeon on his quest to project detailed 3D images of a patient's brain onto the surgeon's field of vision with augmented reality. This fascinating project made us realize even more that XR is the future in which we want to be your go-to partner.

Our process

Extended Reality is a broad set of technologies, creating experiences with it requires a multidisciplinary team.


Got a challenge to figure out? And you feel like immersive technology might be the solution? Let’s brainstorm and craft a plan to conquer it. Together we’ll define what we want to achieve, design the right solution and determine how we’ll measure our achievements.

Creative vision

Concept development

Innovation strategy

Market research

Distribution goals


We’ve got the idea. Now let’s start making it. Let’s craft and develop our carefully constructed designs into an awesome product that checks all the boxes and helps you reach your goal.

3D modeling & animation

360 photography & video

Unity3D development (C#)

WebAR development (JS)

WebGL development (JS)


An Instagram filter, a 3D try-on app, an immersive company website? All these AR solutions happen on different platforms. We’ll help you determine which one is the best to bring your idea to your audience. And then we make it happen too.

Integrated marketing flows

Web hosting

App store distribution


We are live! And while our customers are enjoying our amazing product, we follow up and measure performance. To make sure they’re getting the absolute best experience and to provide them with right updates to achieve the goals we set.


Data analytics


Campaign measuring


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