During the Winterglow festival in Bruges, visitors can enjoy wonderful light projections on iconic buildings in the historic city center. However, some buildings may not be fit for these projections, or some just need something more unique. That’s where we come in! With an AR app in which visitors can scan the Our Lady Mary Church and watch a stunning light spectacle unfold on their mobile devices.

Brugge Plus

Rethinking conventional light shows by creating an immersive virtual light spectacle.



The Light Experience Walk made Bruges shine for the third year in a row. Our AR experience was one of 14 impressive light installations on a route that guided you throughout the historic city center. Magically lit squares and monuments came to life in mesmerizing light spectacles.

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- We used passive tracking: a 360 image is aligned with the real world and computer-generated images (CGI) are added on top to create a unique immersive view. 

- The images are rendered in high quality and the experience runs smoothly on every mobile device. 

- We created multiple 360 images on different times throughout the day to make sure the light and composition of the CGI was correct and natural.

- The experience was smoothly integrated into an existing Xamarin application via a JS web view.

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Het parcours telt dertien ‘reële’ installaties en één virtuele die met de toepassing van augmented reality (AR) zichtbaar wordt via de Wintergloed app.

hetnieuwsvanwestvlaanderen - 26/11/2021