Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Station

CMB.TECH reached out to us for their latest project: the world's first refueling station that produces its own green hydrogen, developed to facilitate the refueling of cars, trucks, tube trailers and ships. They wanted to show the world a glimpse of the future. Could we create an online tour of something that hasn’t been built yet? Yes, we did! Complete, elaborate, and… safe!


Showcasing renewable energy through an immersive Virtual Reality experience

Hydrogen Station


Visitors could virtually visit the location and move around the premise while clicking on point of interest that would educate them on the technology being used. We were able to convince people of the tech, application and location before it was physically present. Furthermore, showing the possibilities of virtual tours and their ability to bring people together in times of COVID-19.

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- We collaborated with CMB on creating 360 renders of the 3D modelled environment of the station.

- Then we added realistic 360 photo of the actual environment it will be built.

- Next step: merge them together with Adobe Photoshop magic and Adobe Lightroom effects.

- To share information, we added pop-up buttons so that the user read more about the location.

- And there it is: a complete visual tour showing 17 unique locations with 25 pop-ups in three languages.

Behind the scenes

Live online demo

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Live demo


What made the project succesfull?

- The possibility to visit the site virtually

- Being able to showcase the project online

- The tour is 24/7 online and easily shareable


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