Rode Neuzen

Rode Neuzen

During the pandemic it was difficult to execute all planned activities and physical installations. One of those installations was a large transparant box filled with campaign branded balls which would have been installed in a shopping center. Participants had to estimate the amount of balls inside the box in order to win a prize. Interestingly every time a participant tried to estimate the amount of balls a sum of money would be added to the budget. In the end this budget would then be donated to a non-profit organization. However because people were advised to stay inside during the pandemic and most malls were closed, this was not possible. So Lifelike came with the perfect solution…

DPG Media

An interactive online challenge

Rode Neuzen


We build an AR web experience which everyone with a smartphone could activate to virtually place the box in their own space and estimate the amount of balls inside without having to physicallly see the box. As a result DPG media was able to continue their yearly installation without having to compromise too much. On top of that they were able to reach more people because they didn’t have to be physically present.

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