Windeco 3D Visualization

In a remarkable display of 3D visualization and animation expertise, our team at Lifelike XR recently completed an ambitious project for Windeco, a leading manufacturer in custom window coverings. Our task was to develop a compelling 3D animation showcasing the innovative features of Windeco's 3D Configurator. The aim was to vividly illustrate the configurator's features, emphasizing its ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and its seamless fit into various sales channels. This advanced tool, integrating Augmented Reality (AR), marks a significant leap in enhancing customer experience in the window decoration market.

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Windeco 3D Visualization

How can advanced 3D animation create an intuitive understanding of your product's features, functionalities and benefits?

Windeco 3D Visualization


The challenge was to develop a one-minute 3D animation within a tight two-week deadline. Our approach focused on:

1. Detailed Visualization: Accurately representing Windeco's diverse product range and the detailed interface of the configurator.

2. Creative Storytelling: Ensuring the animation was engaging and informative, balancing technical details with visual appeal.

3. Technical Execution: Employing creative problem-solving techniques to convey complex functionalities in a simple and understandable format.


The final product was a comprehensive and engaging 3D animation that effectively demonstrated the capabilities of Windeco's Sales Configurator. The animation was not just a visual representation but also a narrative that communicated the configurator's ease of use and versatility in a compelling way.

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What made the project succesfull?

The animation was a resounding success, playing a key role in Windeco's LinkedIn promotional campaign. It garnered significant attention and positive feedback, highlighting the configurator's innovative features. This project not only enhanced Windeco's market presence but also reinforced Lifelike XR's reputation for delivering high-quality, time-bound work in 3D visualization and animation.


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