Hydrotug 1

Lifelike XR proudly presents the interactive 3D webGL experience of the Hydrotug 1, a groundbreaking innovation by Port of Antwerp-Bruges and CMB.TECH. This first-of-its-kind, hydrogen-powered tugboat is a monumental step towards green shipping and climate neutrality by 2050. Our immersive 3D experience offers a detailed exploration of the Hydrotug 1, both inside and out, providing an engaging and educational journey into the future of maritime technology.

CMB & Port of Antwerp Bruges
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Hydrotug 1

How can interactive 3D experiences revolutionize the way we engage with and understand cutting-edge maritime innovations like the Hydrotug 1?

Hydrotug 1


Our approach encompassed several key components to create a comprehensive and interactive experience:

- 3D Model Exterior: Utilizing existing models and images, we created a high-quality 3D representation of the Hydrotug 1. Users can explore the exterior of the tugboat with a 3D camera, experiencing the design and structure in great detail.

- 3D Scan Interior: We conducted an on-site 3D scan of the tugboat, optimizing it for web display. This allows users to embark on a virtual tour inside the Hydrotug 1, offering a 360-degree exploration of its interior.

- Virtual Tour: Users can walk through the boat, seamlessly switching between exterior and interior views. Open Points of Interest (POIs) within the tour provide additional information, enhancing the learning experience.

- Augmented Reality (AR) Display: A QR code integrated into the web experience enables users to place the Hydrotug 1 in their own environment using AR technology, viewable on mobile devices without any app installation.

- Virtual Reality Experience: For a fully immersive experience, users can walk through the 3D scan of the ship using a Virtual Reality headset, offering a new dimension of interaction.


The result is a versatile, interactive, and educational tool that not only highlights the innovative features of the Hydrotug 1 but also educates users about the future of sustainable maritime technology. Our web-based experience is accessible across various devices, including smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, PCs, and touch tables, ensuring widespread accessibility.

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What made the project succesfull?

This project serves multiple purposes, from external communication at events and fairs to internal training and maintenance. The 3D experience is an effective tool for showcasing the Hydrotug 1 at events, integrating it into print media, and engaging users on websites and social media. For internal use, it provides a realistic image for presentations, visualizations, and future VR training.

The Hydrotug 1 experience by Lifelike XR not only enhances the visibility of this innovative vessel but also contributes significantly to the understanding and appreciation of sustainable advancements in the maritime industry.


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