Iphone13 Launch

Iphone13 Launch

For the launch of the Iphone 13, Tool of North America collaborated with R/GA, Verizon and NoComputer to create a first of its kind augmented reality treasure hunt hidden in the metaverse. We were asked to assist in the making of a large-scale AR installation for the launch of Apple’s new Iphone 13. The collaboration also extended to other artists such as Grammy-nominated artist Halsey as well as pop art collective FriendsWithYou. Their playful characters called Friendsies colored and filled our magical AR playground. Users could explore this imaginary world and interact with it to make a chance to win the new Iphone13.

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What if we launch a new product in the metaverse?

Iphone13 Launch


The result is an amazing experience from another reality for Apple and Verizon. An AR world created for the launch of the Iphone 13, with an AR installation in 5 cities (New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Santa Monica) as well as a version you can try at home! This AR experience went live on the launch of the Iphone13 with tens of thousands across the globe experiencing this amazing AR world. The project was shared all over social media and was featured in numerous articles. An amazing work experience! Special thanks to NoComputer for reaching out to us and taking care of all the back-end magic for this project!

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Two geolocated experiences

The On-Location Experience

This immersive experience was centered around an AR treasure hunt which you were able to enter on 5 different locations that were geofenced and scattered around the US

- New York - Bryant Park

- Los Angeles - Santa Monica Pier

- Miami - Perez Art Museum

- Chicago - Maggie Daley Park

- Seattle - South Lake Union

In this treasure hunt, users were able to explore the environment and walk around the cloud palace to find various FriendsWithYou characters and interact with them. Each of them represented a key feature of the Iphone13 and the power of 5G.

The At-Home Experience

We were aware that not everyone would be able to participate in the On-Location experience. For that reason, we also created an experience for people at home, so they would also have a chance to win the new Iphone13. In this experience, the user could customize their own Friendsie and add it to the public art installation to share this on Twitter for a chance to win.

Behind the scenes

Live online demo

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Live demo


What made the project succesfull?

- Global collaboration

- Easy acces WEB based AR


Who talked about us?

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