Shirt Launch

Shirt Launch

In 2019 KRC Genk made a pioneer move, launching their outfits for the new season right into the homes of their fans. The AR app allows to virtually place KRC Genk’s most recent signing Theo Bongonda in your surroundings, as a means for fans to discover the new kit in detail.

Krc Genk

Incorporating storytelling in an unprecedented way with the release of the new season kit.

Shirt Launch


The season kit launch was a big success, even making the news headlines. Where in the past Racing Genk unveiled the new shirt with a photo shoot or a campaign video, this time the club goes a step further: thanks to Augmented Reality, it brings the new equipment to the home of the supporters. With everyone, at the same time and in 360 degrees. This gives the Belgian club a European first. With the help of the app 'Reload KRC Genk', the new Genk acquisition Theo Bongonda appears on your smartphone. In true-to-life proportion, you can admire the new gear wherever you are. Fans can use the built-in Snap-and-Share functionality to take a selfie with Theo and share it online with their friends and fellow KRC Genk fans.

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- During a volumetric photoshoot, Theo Bongonda was captured in 3D wearing the new Home, Away and Alternative kit.

- The reveal of the new player outfits is a highly anticipated moment for the fans, so KRC Genk set up a campaign that counts down to the actual reveal.

- In the app, fans saw a timer counting down to the day of the first match in the new equipment.

- Only then could they view a 3D model Theo with the proper textures applied, so design of the shirt and sponsors would be kept a secret until that moment.

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