Magic Lights

Magic Lights

Some romance? More warmth or brightness? No problem for Phillips Hue Smart Lights! But let’s take it a step further! How about controlling these lights with just a wave of your hand? It’s magic!

Philips Hue

What if you could manipulate lights with a simple gesture?

Magic Lights


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How we did it.

- Built with Unity, csharp programming language and the Magic Leap device.

- Runs on the custom Magic Leap operating system Lumin, making it one of the first native applications for the new Magic Leap Platform.

- The Philips Hue lights are connected by a smart Philips Hue bridge controller.

- The Philips Hue API was used to send commands from the Magic leap device to the smart lights. The API is a responsive and innovative tool for creating applications and prototyping.

- The effects and animations are all custom built inside the Unity platform.

Behind the scenes

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