As sponsor of the national soccer team, McDonalds wants to give their supporters the ultimate fan experience by getting them close to their favorite player every chance they get. Why not have Lukaku, DeBruyne and Hazard appear in AR on their burger box and perform some soccer tricks while they enjoy their food? Say no more, we are the right people for the job.


How do we add an extra experience to the Red Devils Burger for McDonald’s?



Our experience was successfully launched and available by scanning a Red Devils Burger box. After which one of your favorite soccer players would appear on the box while showing his best tricks. You could even participate in different competitions to win signed shirts or soccer balls.

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- Designing 3D models of the Red Devils players. High quality but low file size, all the while staying recognizable and realistic.

- Each model is animated and has to possibility to do various dances and greetings. 

- The AR experience was integrated into the existing McDonald’s app.

- Since this is a web application, we also create our experience on the web platform. A unique challenge since augmented reality web experience (WebAR) is a new technology and still experimental.

Behind the scenes

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McDonald’s komt met speciale Rode Duivels-burgers

newsmonkey - 18/05/2021