Surgery livestream

Surgery livestream

To bring his theoretical lessons closer to the actual practice Dr. prof Olivier Verborgt often lets students join in his operating room. But of course, with COVID-19 everyone was banned. Enter the HoloLens, for which we perfected the UX so the glasses are adjusted to record and stream his surgeries. Now even more students can join and learn from his perspective!

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How can we have more people join in the operating room to learn?

Surgery livestream


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How the Hololens AR glasses was used

We chose the Hololens for it proven comfort and ability to still clearly see the world around you, which is quite important during surgery. 

Our solution made it possible for anyone with given access around the world to join Dr. Prof Verborgt surgery. Student and experts would be given a link to join remotely. Through this link they were able to see, hear and follow everything through Dr. Prof Verborgt’s eyes and perspective. Because of the Hololens’s ability to recognise hand gestures, it was possible to execute actions like showing virtual media, enlarging them and adding them to the live stream without having to touch surfaces which could pose a risk of infecting the patient during surgery. At last spectators were able to ask questions and get an answer by the surgeon in real-time.

Behind the scenes

Live online demo

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Live demo


What made the project succesfull?

-Being able to follow the surgery remotely

-Attendees can ask questions and get instant feedback from the surgeon

-AR glasses camera gives a point of view angle from the surgeon

- On top of that, he also had access to his media folder, making him able to show important images during his explanations. 

- Unlimited Amount of students could join from all over the world 


Who talked about us?

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Het Nieuwsblad - 1/08/2021